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Pure Solutions

Our Sustainable Process

We are a vertically-integrated velvet antler company. We control the entire process from conception at our farm facility in Idaho to bottling. Our raw material is taken from elk velvet antler because elk are the healthiest cervidae species, and they have the highest concentrations of growth factors in their antlers. We maintain our elk at optimum levels of health, ensuring the highest quality formulas for our customers.

Patent-pending Formula

Our velvet antler is humanely harvested with a licensed veterinarian at an FDA certified farm. The raw material is freeze-dried and put through our proprietary extraction process. The freeze-dried extract is then concentrated to a potency of 43:1, meaning it takes 43 pounds of raw material to make one pound of our extract. VC43x, our patent pending formula, is the most potent and bio-actively available velvet antler extract on the market.






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